One Year!


It’s actually been a great year since this began. From the start which had a lot of our wonderful medical teams involved along with all my family and friends to today where I have been able to play my hand a lot slower than I’ve done since my teenage years. To celebrate I decided to make a small dancing video!

Knitted Golf

Along with enjoying the secret gifts over the past couple of weeks decided to take on a project that I’d be able to use soon. Knitted golf club covers!! Totally going to improve my game this year!! :D

Knitted Cowl

For my amazing wife I was able to complete a knitted cowl based off what’s worn in the Outlander show. It of course is a simple knit style but the colours really make it pop quite nicely and it provides more wonderful support to the Brain Tumour Fundraising.

Another Fundraising Knit!

Was able to successfully complete another knit project to help support the Brain Tumour Fundraising!

My amazing niece requested a specialized footer for her bed with a whole new style that I’ve never had the chance to do and I’m very happy with the results!

ROAR! The Look!

As you’ve likely already seen… It’s done! :D If you haven’t seen you’ll want to go into the page to see the fun from different angles!

The Shave Raiser

Highest bidder gets to style my facial hair!!

Notify me of your bid by facebook, text or email. I’ll respond with whether that puts you in the lead or not and the highest bidder as of March 7th at noon can direct my style by image, description or combination!

The First Post

This is the first post! Dun dun dunnnnn!

In all my years playing around with technology stuff I’ve never built my own personal web site that I intended to share out with others. A little nervous of course but hey… It just needs to work it don’t need to be pretty ;)