First Fundraising Throw

Completed my first knit project for the Brain Tumour Fundraising!

This was done for my sister Angela who has not already donated for it this year but spent a ton of time and money last year to support me and this event!

Completed Throw

This was a fun project for me as it had those lovely simple elements of being knitted the whole way through but included complexities that help me in the learning. I haven’t yet had a project yet that changed colours this many times and it was a great learning experience for me! I’m very happy with the end results and all the little mistakes and moments of learning should be hidden enough ;)

I’ve started planning out the next project for my niece who contributed to this fundraising! If you’d like me to work on something for you do feel free to ping me and I can let you know my skill level in that area along with the preferred donation amount. As always if there’s any questions or clarifications needed just reach out and I’ll answer. My second goal of course is to simply ‘auction’ out completed projects for fun. I’ll of course be fake bidder if needed :D

For the curious here’s some of the details of the project:

  • Simple design at Stitch Fiddle
  • Halfway done Halfway Done
  • Close up of front (it’s perdy) Front
  • Close up of back Back
  • Had a few tails to bury Knit Tails
  • Completing the tails was the most challenging and I’m ‘okay’ with results since the roughage is at the back. Next time I come to a project with colour changing going to do a bit more research on how to better hide these. Completed Tails