Another Fundraising Knit!

Was able to successfully complete another knit project to help support the Brain Tumour Fundraising!

My amazing niece requested a specialized footer for her bed with a whole new style that I’ve never had the chance to do and I’m very happy with the results!


The style uses a chevron stitch to create the wonderful pattern along with the switching of the colours throughout the project. A huge thanks to B.Hooked Crochet & Knitting for providing the tutorial on this type of project it really really helped!

As with the previous project some close ups on the project just to share the amazing expertise that I have ;)

Just Completed Knit

The stitch itself wasn’t actually that bad but the real challenge I was concerned about was the curls at the bottom of the work. With this type of stitch in place there was a pretty hard curl at the bottom of the project. Because of this I learned about a whole new step in the process.

New Step

Take the completed work, get it wet (not drenched) and pin it up to help remove the curls. Following the instruction it turned out great and having the fan help dry out things faster I only had it connected for a couple of hours before it was dry and more in the shape that I was aiming for.

Close Up

I do ‘think’ that with more vertical space it would have been even more in the form I’d have preferred but the results were good and still a higher level than I was expecting.


As always if you’d like me to knit something up for you or someone else do reach out! We can chat about the possibility and dollars that I’d like to see go off to the Brain Tumour Fundraising