Knitted Cowl

For my amazing wife I was able to complete a knitted cowl based off what’s worn in the Outlander show. It of course is a simple knit style but the colours really make it pop quite nicely and it provides more wonderful support to the Brain Tumour Fundraising.


The full image is wonderful but really what you want to see is it being showcased by the amazing model. Me ;)

Around the Neck

The wonderful cowl is doubled up around your head but still has enough length to drape comfortable on your shoulders. Wearing in this manner really helps bring attention to your chin and your own hair style that you’re showcasing.

On the Head

But if you’re cold it can be pulled up over your head to help cover your ears and ensure you stay warm. Along with keeping you warmer it brings all the focus to your eyes and by extension the feelings you are currently having.


This was a fun simple project that was just me knitting with larger needles while watching the télé. I used a new to me bind off that helped ensure it was stretchy (wish I had done this with my sock!) and then bound the two ends together successfully. Thinking about maybe trying a version of this that stays single and is simply far wider.