Knitted Golf

Along with enjoying the secret gifts over the past couple of weeks decided to take on a project that I’d be able to use soon. Knitted golf club covers!! Totally going to improve my game this year!! :D


A nice laid back project after the failure opportunities for improvement with the sock I was knitting. I’m sure that having these lovely covers on the course are simply going to take my skills to that next level.


Along with these being a simple fun project I was able to play around with some different yarns to learn some lessons and get a feel for working with them and their final results.


A lovel gift from my Aunt Denise that has multiple mega balls of this acrylic yarn. It’s a roughy feeling yarn and based on the feeling of it along with the details anything can be done to it during wash cycles and it’ll be the same. Makes it probably the best type for these types of projects that are going to get to experience the environment.


This yarn is a mix of nylon and wool and was infact the same type that I was trying to do the sock in. It’s a lovely feeling yarn and is definatly something that could be used for clothing and cudling. Not that I’ve tested it does have support for laundry and drying so it likely can be cleaned in the standard pile when needed.


One of the single 100% wool balls I had a single of so figured lets try it even though the style makes me think of Christmas which isn’t much related to golfing. The look and done feel are great but I have to admit I had some fun while doing the knitting. I always knit tight but it seemed extra tight with this yarn. Oh well. Still came out at the end quite well and I’m happy with it.