One Year!


It’s actually been a great year since this began. From the start which had a lot of our wonderful medical teams involved along with all my family and friends to today where I have been able to play my hand a lot slower than I’ve done since my teenage years. To celebrate I decided to make a small dancing video!

Of course there’s still some things to get through but I’ve been very happy and lucky with how I’ve been feeling and a pause in treatments for a couple of months. My goal is to have this continue and actually getting a bit back into the fun grind of things. Once the covid risks are minimized again I will admit that I’ll be going out on the town to celebrate this year, my 40th and just how great things have actually been throughout this time of my life. It continues to be an amazing experience with how much support I’ve been fortunate to have and I thank everyone for it!

If you’d like to chat with me about anything do feel free to ping me on the book of faces, email or those funny phone devices. Just for fun below is a brief video of me practicing to make the music video. I found it amusing so figured I should share.







What you’re still here!?

You’re surprised at the Hanson song?

Maybe don’t know the story…

Yep. I’m grade nine, growing out my hair long to get all hip, cool and a little old school and blahm! Out comes a bunch of kids (fine, we were all kids back then) with a similar style to me and everyone just starts calling me Hanson which of course irritates me but I refuse to cut the hair. Those close to me know the best way to drive me up the wall is simply to ‘Hanson’ me and anytime the song is on the radio I would insta switch.

Nowadays… Hey gotta give credit to their ability and the fact they are actually still doing. In full honesty they actually have a song that I don’t mind as it’s a rif off of Blue Brothers and has a great artist participating along with them!