ROAR! The Look!

As you’ve likely already seen… It’s done! :D If you haven’t seen you’ll want to go into the page to see the fun from different angles!

da new dave

Of course in full honesty I was worried before the guys shared the details but as soon as I received them I was excited for this! Just fun but with that throw back to the Thundercats!

left right thinker

The colouring is great in that it pops pretty damn good from my face and based on my testing it’s fully washable! (phew).

Of course it comes with 24 colours so my plan is to have some fun constantly with it for the next little bit ;) Thank you again to The Mulligans! Ya’ll amazing!

If you’d like to participate in the fundraising for Brain Tumour Fundraising go ahead just give a dollar or two or reach out to me if you’d like a project/fundraising game.