The First Post

This is the first post! Dun dun dunnnnn!

In all my years playing around with technology stuff I’ve never built my own personal web site that I intended to share out with others. A little nervous of course but hey… It just needs to work it don’t need to be pretty ;)

So as mentioned on the About page the real goal of this site right now is to help raise money for the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada to give a hand to all of us that need that hand. While the tumour sucks I have been fortunate in the personal and medical assistance this organization has provided to myself and family. While the condition is crufty I’d like us to have some fun to help raise a few bucks for the organization!

The first FUNdraiser will be in a couple of days from now to get us started in the fun! From there can’t commit to any schedule but of course will do what I can to keep us all happy and raising some cash!