The Shave Raiser

Highest bidder gets to style my facial hair!!

Notify me of your bid by facebook, text or email. I’ll respond with whether that puts you in the lead or not and the highest bidder as of March 7th at noon can direct my style by image, description or combination!

Of course there’s ‘rules’ ;)

  1. Only facial hair can be styled and/or coloured (temporary colour can be applied to hair though)
  2. Certain styles will not be accepted but you can choose another
  3. I’ll keep the style for at least a week
  4. I’ll take and share pictures on the facebook and this site
  5. Once you’ve won I’ll need you to post your winning bid to my specific Brain Tumour Fundraising
  6. Any number of people can group together to become highest bidders - but they must pick a single style ;)
  7. Periodically I’ll share the what the current high bid amount is
  8. If preferred I will not call the highest bidder out by name if they would like to be anonymous
  9. I reserve the right to add rules if you find loop holes in the existing rules

The green is the allowed style zone - the red is not allowed! daves face in colour

As always thank you very much for even just sharing around! If there’s any clarifications needed do let me know and I’ll do my best :) Also don’t worry if this one passes you by. I’ll have more fundraising fun coming out over the next couple of months!!